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Central Bank Interest Rates

Central Bank Interest Rates

This page provides a reference for the current central bank interest rates of various world economies. These are the rates at which central banks lend to commercial banks. Interest rates are a crucial tool used by central banks to conduct monetary policy.

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4.35% AUD
3.79% BGN
5.00% CAD
1.50% CHF
3.45% CNY
Czech Republic
5.25% CZK
3.75% DKK
4.50% EUR
5.25% GBP
Hong Kong
5.75% HKD
7.25% HUF
4.50% ILS
0.00% JPY
11.00% MXN
4.50% NOK
New Zealand
5.50% NZD
5.75% PLN
7.00% RON
16.00% RUB
3.75% SEK
3.85% SGD
50.00% TRY
United States of America
5.50% USD
South Africa
8.25% ZAR
Date ( Rate


Central banks interest rates are the rates at which a nation’s central bank lends money to domestic banks, influencing the economy’s overall interest rates.

These rates impact inflation, consumer spending, and overall economic growth by influencing borrowing costs and spending.

Central bank interest rates are typically reviewed and can be adjusted during scheduled meetings, often quarterly or bi-monthly, depending on the central bank.

Changes in interest rates can impact stock market performance as higher rates may reduce corporate profits, while lower rates can stimulate investment and spending.

The current interest rate set by the Federal Reserve can be found on the RS Prime central banks interest rates page, updated regularly.

By adjusting interest rates, central banks can either encourage borrowing and spending (increasing inflation) or discourage it (decreasing inflation).

You can stay updated by visiting the RS Prime central bank interest rates page regularly or subscribing to their newsletter for the latest updates.

Higher interest rates typically attract foreign investment, increasing demand for the country’s currency and potentially raising its value.

Understanding interest rate trends can help in making informed trading decisions, as rates influence economic conditions and market movements.

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