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The logo of RSPRIME features the company name in a bold, sans-serif typeface. The 'RS' is in a larger font, creating a clear distinction from the 'PRIME' which is of a uniform size. A distinctive design element is a bright lime green leaf-like accent on the upper part of the 'R' that adds a touch of color to the otherwise black text. Below the company name is a green horizontal bar that spans the width of the text, providing a balanced and modern look.

Bonus Agreement

1. As per this Agreement, the Company provides the Customer with one or more trading bonus/еs (the “Bonus”). Тhe amount of the bonus depending on the specific promotion we have currently announced and the amount of funds deposited by the Customer in his/her trading account;

2. The Bonus and/or profits in the Account shall be subject to withdrawal as soon as the required trading volume (“Target volume”) has been reached. Target Volume, unless otherwise stated in writing, shall be equal to 1 Lot per every USD 6 bonus for trades executed from customer’s personal trading activity or shall be equal to 1 Lot per every USD 3 bonus for trades executed from the Copy Trading functionality;

3. If the Client wishes to withdraw the deposited funds from the Account before achieving the Target Volume the withdrawal will be made available after deducting the Bonus from the Account, as well as any profits generated as per the account history section and all costs related to trading with financial instruments.