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The logo of RSPRIME features the company name in a bold, sans-serif typeface. The 'RS' is in a larger font, creating a clear distinction from the 'PRIME' which is of a uniform size. A distinctive design element is a bright lime green leaf-like accent on the upper part of the 'R' that adds a touch of color to the otherwise black text. Below the company name is a green horizontal bar that spans the width of the text, providing a balanced and modern look.

20% Boost Bonus Terms and Conditions

1. Program Details 

All new customers are eligible to participate in this program. At live account registration and upon KYC acceptance the customer may request a one-time 20% boost bonus, provided they share this promotion at a social media of their choice. 

The program is organized by RS Prime Limited. 

Employees of RS Prime and their first-degree relatives do not have the right to participate in the program. 

The following program is not directed nor is intended to be distributed to residents of certain countries/jurisdictions including, but not limited to, USA, Canada, Japan and all embargo countries. The Company holds the right to alter the list of restricted countries at its own discretion and pursuant to all applicable laws and regulations in the locations where it operates its business. 

2. Program Conditions 

All new customers of RS Prime are eligible to participate in this program provided they meet the following criteria: 

  • New customers register at RS Prime to open a live trading account with 1:200 leverage; 
  • Customers pass successfully all KYC steps; 
  • Deposit at least EUR 1000 worth of any asset available; 
  • Make at least one trade; 
  • Customers share the promotion at a public social media of their choice (by sending a screenshot to;   
  • Customers can trade on all available instruments in the RS platform; 
  • The amount given as a bonus cannot be withdrawn. 
  • All profits generated while using the bonus can be withdrawn. 
  • After the first withdrawal request made by the client, regardless of its size, the full bonus amount will be deducted from the client’s trading account.  
  • The company has the right to deduct the full bonus amount if the equity in the client’s account falls below EUR 1000.  

3. Final Provisions 

By participating in the program, the customer agrees to abide to the present Terms and Conditions.  

Any dispute between RS Prime and the customer regarding the application, execution, and interpretation of the present Terms and Conditions will be resolved by RS Prime. By participating in the program, the customer accepts that all decisions taken by RS Prime regarding the application, execution, and interpretation of the present Terms and Conditions will be final and mandatory for them. 

RS Prime reserves the right to change the present Terms and Conditions or to terminate the program at any time and without prior notice. The amended Terms and Conditions shall be published on the website of RS Prime. We encourage you to periodically review our website to see any changes or amendment as they apply. 

All RS Prime terms of business apply to the program. Please, review all legal documentation here.